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ADDFORCE finds ways to deliver world-class projects through meticulous planning and execution, successfully yielding desired results in every single task, every single time.

ADDFORCE is a boutique project management and consulting company that caters to business projects both in the US and Europe. The company prides itself on the comprehensive experience and in-depth knowledge of its employees and partners.

ADDFORCE remains on top of its game, keeping a competitive advantage over competitors by being hands-on in every project development and implementation. Areas of expertise include: Project management, custom software development, marketing, strategic consulting, and financial modeling. The company ensures that work and results provided to clients are always detailed and accurate. By utilizing the company’s access to an extensive group of highly respected global experts and professionals, ADDFORCE is able to properly identify and formulate the most effective strategies and tools that help its clients achieve the greatest success in the least amount of time.

ADDFORCE is aware of the need to adapt to an ever-evolving world market which requires speed as well as an all-encompassing view of global trends, and as a result the company only hires the most competent and highly skilled project team members, able to cater to clients’ unique requirements and distinct product-positioning specs, thus producing and delivering world-class projects and results each and every time.

The importance of trends that favor intensive projects over routine office work is crucial, and ADDFORCE takes full advantage, as it taps talented and highly qualified experts and professionals who thrive in project-to-project work. This allows ADDFORCE to work on a variety of projects from numerous markets, and at the same time efficiently achieve targets without having to compromise quality.
ADDFORCE was founded by private investors in Moscow in 2003. The opening of offices in the US in 2006, and in Belgium and Switzerland in 2015 followed the success in Moscow.
ADDFORCE is an international project management and consulting company, providing services to clients in USA and Europe. Our services include project management in real estate, investment management, strategic marketing, new market entry and representation, management consulting and management talent development and couching. We are always looking for motivated self-starters to join our successful multinational team. Our mission is to empower our clients ensuring their success and to build market value for our clients’ projects through the access to global expertize, development of innovative business strategies, efficient team collaboration, and execution excellence.