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Konstantinovo is a US $20bn private real estate development project located on the outskirts of Moscow, on the way to the major Russian airport of Domodedovo. The development plan assumes the steady construction of a series of urban villages and employment districts, interconnected with one another and the existing settlements by a comprehensive open space, transit, roadway and pedestrian circulation system.

A major new urban mixed-use community, Konstantinovo would offer a variety of residential, business, retail, social and commercial buildings on 2,788 ha west of Domodedovo City. It aims to set high standards in development, planning, and compliance with local codes.

Upon completion, Konstantinovo should have over 6.5M square meters of residential housing and 2.6M square meters of commercial properties. A media park, a theme park, and a new motor-racing circuit would complete the infrastructure. To enable residents to commute to downtown Moscow in 25 minutes, a project team has planned construction of a high-speed railway.

ADDFORCE, Inc. developed the vision of a new urban township with contemporary architecture and European traditions in mind. To assist the client, ADDFORCE, Inc. built and managed a unique multi-functional team of international professionals focusing on planning, development, legislation, entitlements, project management, and marketing of Konstantinovo and its individual phases.

Site – 2,788 hectares, 
– variable from 1,000 to 11,000 sq. m. per hectare
Total residential space at buildout
– 6.5 million sq. m.
Total commercial space at buildout – 2.6 million sq. m
Population at completion – 150,000 residents
Total work places created – 60,000

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