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Initial master plan: Dahling Group, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Detailed master plan: Dahlin Group, Pleasanton, CA, USA
Residential Architecture: Dahlin Group, Pleasanton, CA, USA

Located in the southeastern portion of Konstantinovo, Phase 1A2 Bityagovo executive village encompasses 345 hectares and will be among the first areas for development. The project is intended for upscale single-family living, which will play a key role in the overall Konstantinovo concept, by providing executive housing and attracting high-level businesses to future office centers.

At buildout, there will be 650 single-family semi-custom homes with lot sizes ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 square meters, and living space between 300 and 600 square meters (excluding the 2 to 4 car garages). The earliest available units would offer a semi-custom level, with approximately 12 different floor plans. A condominium complex with approximately 400 to 560 units (50 square meters each) is a unique component of Bityagovo. These units would serve as accommodation for service staff hired to take care of the residences, and would be offered to home owners for purchase.  Village Center Shopping Mall will offer retail shopping and entertainment, and its equestrian theme will feature a full range of equestrian services, along with traditional dining and convenience shopping.

Site - 345 hectares, 
Density –
low density, 1000 sq.m. per hectare
Total space at buildout –
300,000 sq. m.,
Population at buildout – 
3,500 residents

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