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Master-plan: ROMA Design Group, San Francisco, CA
Village Town Center: ROMA Design Group, San Francisco, CA and BCV Architects, San Francisco, CA
Residential Architecture: BAR Architects, San Francisco, CA and MVE Architects, Irvine, CA USA

West Village, a premier new urban settlement among the communities in Konstantinovo, will be set apart from its competition by the welcoming aspect of its neighborhood and the appealing diversity of scale.  The plan creates true distinction between public and private spaces, an environment that puts residents at ease, provides greater security, and reduces maintenance.  The open spaces in the village are genuinely livable, as fire lanes and utilities ‘disappear’ into the landscape to reinforce the atmosphere of a park-like setting.

The design seeks to balance 4 competing influences

Urban design             Desirability of peculiarities and variety within an ordered environment
Economic                  Development-driven cost control suggests simplicity and repetition
Regulatory                Regulations promote regimentation; seek to seamlessly integrate in design
Marketability             Promote desirable apartments with options, and a variety of choice

Site - 228 hectares 
Density – high density, 11 000 sq. m. per hectare
Total space at buildout
– 1,515,000 sq. m.
Population at buildout
– 35,000 residents

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