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Initial master plan review:  
Hornberger & Worstell, San Francisco, CA, ARUP, San Francisco, CA and SWA Group, CA
Revised master plan:  
Hornberger & Worstell, San Francisco, CA, ARUP, San Francisco, CA and SWA Group, CA

The Bionic Hill project is addressing significant Kiev growth and development demands for housing, retail, entertainment and hospitality, commercial office, R&D/incubator, manufacturing and warehousing in a unique manner. It will provide a high-tech, mixed-use, self-sustaining community with lasting quality of life within the city, and this focused community will have lower development density and greater affordability, thus creating a prime community in which to work, live, play, and learn. The project goal is to create the first Ukrainian innovation park, in the hope of becoming a “Ukrainian Silicon Valley”, to facilitate the eventual development of a hi-tech industry ecosystem.  The concept embraces all aspects of life, using "Live, work, learn and play" to create an oasis for hi-tech business.

Bionic Hill envisions the unification of diverse scientific frontiers in the areas of business, everyday life, respect, and care for a unique and unspoiled slice of nature, an unprecedented standard of living, and unrivaled opportunity for continual personal development. Infrastructures for education, training, and business culture will be developed alongside physical improvement, fostering the opportunities for startups and spinoffs within five years.

The project offers a unique opportunity to transform a former Soviet munitions base into an innovative park for work and living, with a world-class master plan featuring sustainable infrastructure for residential and commercial real estate. It will create a Charter City – an international platform founded on “best practices” where international visitors can feel creative, inspired, and at home.

ADDFORCE, Inc. brought together a team of internationally recognized master planners, engineers, designers, and landscape architects to ensure the design of Bionic Hill is up to global standards in sustainability and planning efficiency.

Site - 147 hectares,
Total dwelling units at buildout - 6,075
Total space at buildout – 320,152gsm office,
Population at buildout –
15,000 residents and 30,000 employees

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