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Master-plan: Hornberger & Worstell, San Francisco, CA
Civil Engineers: ARUP, San Francisco, CA
Residential Architecture: BAR Architects, San Francisco, CA
Hospitality and Retail Architecture: Hornberger & Worstell, San Francisco, CA

The vision for Project “Emerald” is to transform the public perception of the area from a run-down, abandoned industrial park into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood creating a livable environment which drives lifestyle and becomes a desirable destination.  This will be accomplished by the development of a clear and practical layout of streets having enhanced access and identity, along with appropriately sized development parcels which will include planning flexibility and efficient land use. 

The project features a unique, mixed-use development concept, including retail outlets, hospitality centers, entertainment, and both business and residential facilities. It will include a variety of public amenity spaces – walkable, energized streets, plazas, courtyards, parks, and indoor gathering spaces.

The Master Plan provides an excellent solution to the added complexity of integrating existing office and industrial buildings.

Site - 47 hectares 
Residential – 1,700 dwelling units, 47 to 135 sq. meters
Total residential space at buildout
– 250,000 sq. m.
Total commercial space at buildout – 100,000 sq. m.
Population at buildout
– 15,000 residents

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