Project header photo

Initial master plan:
ROMA Design Group, San Francisco, CA
Detailed master plan:
GrandProektSity and A. Asadov architectural studio
Residential architecture:
"Project - KS", “GrandProektSity” and A. Asadov architectural studio

This new urbanist project efficiently utilizes a smaller block’s master plan with residential blocks averaging 1.5 – 2.5 hectares, which will allow for a gradual project phasing.  Surrounded by forest areas and close to natural water sources, Central Village provides a series of garden-themed elements adding to the concept of recreation and outdoor living in suburban settings.  A town square located in the center of the village would serve as a focal point and central gathering location for residents.  Pedestrian-friendly streets are designed to segregate vehicular and pedestrian traffic to maintain safety, and interior courtyards are completely vehicle-free territory. 

Site - 138 hectares, 
Density - 9335 sq. m. per hectare
Total space at buildout – 1,293,000 sq. m.,
Population at buildout – 34,000 residents

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