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An investment company RUSRESORTS plans to develop new resorts in select Russian regions with prominent historic and natural heritage (Golden Ring, Lake Baykal etc.). To enhance developer’s knowledge the RUSRESORTS management requested an overview and benchmarking of resort development experience around the world.

ADDFORCE conducted comprehensive review of resort development practices in Russia and internationally. We interviewed key players in the industry including Bayan Tree Holdings, Center Parks Europe and Economic Research Associates. Our study included in-depth review of development and operational data on select number of ground-up resort development projects in Turkey, France, Spain, UK, Unites States, and UAE.  We summarized success factors and collected a library of best practices in resort development and provided recommendations for the RUSRESORTS’S development program.

Scale – 10 projects in various Russian regions (Central Russia, Lake Baykal, Buryatia)
Gross assets Value (upon completion) – $750 million

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